Predictive Astrology - Nadi Nakshatra

Language: Hindi

Instructors: Acharya Lokesh Dhamija

Validity Period: 180 days

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CONTENT – Video Lectures & 2 Common - ONLINE Doubt Sessions  

Basic Astrology

  • Vedic Astrology Introduction & Grammar
    Astronomy Concept & Astrology Connection

Predictive Astrology CONCEPT

  • Rules, Dasha Pattern, Nakshtra & sub lord calculations, Prediction Calculation Method,
  • How to Judge Planet & Strength, Timing of an Event Calculation Process.

Marriage & Divorce – Life Event

  • Timings of Marriage & Divorce Calculations, Love Affairs, Arrange Marriage & Love Marriage,
    Dowry, Married Life Problems & Extra Marital Affairs.

Education & Course Selection

  • Best Field Selection, Result & Marks, Foreign Education, Entrance & Competition Exams, Scholarships, Interviews Timings & Selections.

Career & Profession – Job – Business

  • Suitable Job & Business, Financial Prospects – Startups Investments, Takeovers, Obstacles in career, Interviews, change in Job & business, transfer, Suspension, Bank Corrupt & Corporate Issues.

Child Birth – Pregnancy Events

  • Child Birth timing calculation, Male & female Chart Importance concept, No child – issues, Best Pregnancy periods, Abortion & Miscarriages, Sex of the child, Adoption, IVF & Event Planning Techniques.

Property & Vehicle – Event

  • Purchase of property & Vehicle, Timing of purchase of property, Loan facility, Sale of Property, Installments & defaulter, Commercial property, Construction of property, Rental income, Loss of property.

Litigation – Court Cases Events 

  • Legal Issues, scandalous periods, imprisonment reasons, Legal disputes, Winning situations in litigations, Bail matters, settlements, Kidnapping, House arrest & Event Planning Remedies.

Travel – Foreign Settlements

  • Travel Combinations, Timing of foreign Travel, Settling Abroad, and calculation of travel Purpose, Coming back to the Motherland, Visa acceptance & denial.

Medical Astrology – Health

  • Timing of disease & surgeries, Type of diseases, diagnose the worst period, Accidents, Immunity level, depression, Health Parameters of the Life.

Longevity – Age Calculation

  • Calculation of Longevity, Badhak & Marak Roles in the horoscope, Combinations & Timing the death, Long & short age concept, Death Reasons as per coordinates.

Transits – Gochar

  • Transit calculations with Dasha pattern & Accurate Delivery of event timing, Manual & System operations, Shani Sade Sati, daily planets movement Predictions.

Horary  – Prasna Technique

  • Without the horoscope Even calculation concept, Prasna Kundali Technique with most accurate prediction & cycle. Most Amazing & Practical Concept.

Kundali Milan– Horoscope Matching

  • Concept of vedic & modern matching

BTR  – Birth Time Rectification

  • Concept with occult science point of view. Birth time rectification process through manual & system based calculation method.

Remedies – Modern & Logical Remedies

Accurate method of Gemstones selection, Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, Pooja, Daan concept, Most Amazing Event Planning technique concept.
Invented by – Acharya Lokesh dhamija

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Course Curriculum

Introduction Class - Content Details - FREE VIDEO Preview
Vedic Jyotish - Self Learning Notes
Vedic Jyotish - Self Learning Notes (54 pages)
Basic Astrology
Planets Description
Planets - Class - Part-1
Planets - Class - Part-2
Planets Description (11 pages)
Houses Description
Houses - Class - Part-1
Houses- Class - Part-2
Houses- Class - Part-3
Houses Description (15 pages)
Rashiyan Description
Rashiyan Class : 12 Astrological Signs
Rashiyan Class : 12 Astrological Signs - Part -2
Rashiyan Class : 12 Astrological Signs - Part -3 (9 pages)
Vedic Grammar
Vedic Grammar - Drishtiyan/Manglik
Vedic Grammar - Drishtiyan/Manglik (2 pages)
DBA Concept & Uch - Neech Grah
DBA Concept & Uch-Neech (62:00)
Predictive Astrology Rules & Marriage
Predictive Astrology Rules & Marriage (81:00)
How to open Nadi Nakshatra in KP Stellar
How to open Nadi Nakshatra in Astrosage App (2:00)
Marriage Event
Marriage Class
Education & Career
Career & Coordinate Strength
Property & Vehicle
Property & Vehicle
Litigation Murderer
HEALTH-2 - How to diagnose disease (20:00)
How to find Nakshatra & Sub Lord & Coordinates
Degree - English (6 pages)
Degree_Hindi (6 pages)
Cordinates-Formula (2 pages)
How to find Nakshatra & Sub Lord & Coordinates
Nakshatra_Topic. (13 pages)
Calculation-Nakshatra-Sublord & Chalit
Longevity (39:00)
Stones (2 pages)
Match Making - Kundali Milan
Match-Making (2 pages)
Transit - Gochar
Transit (78:00)
Transit (3 pages)
Horary - Prasna
Horary - Prasna (5 pages)
Horary_Prasna (92:00)
BTR (54:00)
Doubt Sessions
Doubt Sessions (87:00)

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