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Gurukul of astrology science is an Organization purely based on occult science. It embraces the ancient Hindu Jyotish system through research, exceptional training and consultation.
Gurukul of astrology science has received 8 times Best Astrology Institute Award.  

Astrology is a practice which links divine information of our planets to our lives. It is a prominent field which has been successful in preserving our ancient beliefs and contributing to our heritage and history. Science has evolved with humans over all these centuries and the most original and organized science was the Astrology science & Vastu Shastra Courses.

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If the meteorological department can predict the weather for next 10 days through some scientific ways, an astrologer can definitely predict the basic bygones and forthcomings with required knowledge. People don’t even realize how majorly they use astrology in their daily lives either thanking god for good or blaming him for bad. Farmers still use their almanac for knowing the right time and place and type of crop to grow. This is another form of astrology.

It is no rocket science to conclude that astrology is an extended form of astronomy. If astronomers researched through the space and detailed the existence of planets, astrologers researched and detailed the influence and impact of these existing planets on human life since everything in this universe is related and we all rise from a single source of energy.

With all such ideas and credence, our organization, Gurukul Of Astrology Science sorts to carry on this practice and make a space for it in the existing era where all the concepts have wider acceptance. Being a part of GOAS will broaden your vision of looking towards life and help you to channelize the positive energy of the celestial planets which influences the occurrence of humans. Considering various inevitable problems faced by many people relating to health, family, litigation, career, education, finance, marriage, children, etc. GOAS extends it support to analyze these problems and deal with them through accurately tested practical & logical remedies.

Astrology, being a well reputed profession requires learned and skilled supporters and mentors. Acharya Lokesh Dhamija, the Founder & Chairman of Gurukul Of Astrology Science, is one such icon who firmly believes in professing astrology to his students with reliable and interesting teaching methods. Being a part of GOAS provides exactly the experience and knowledge many people look out for. The training and practicing methods here are precisely designed, loaded with factual information; research based content and wide opportunities. After knowing the relevance of astrology, our organization hereby stands to approve the saying, “When the student is ready, the right teacher will appear.”

Acharya Lokesh Dhamija -  Founder & Chairman

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