9 Planets General Symptoms & Remedies

Everyone is curious to know which planet is giving malefic effect to them and how to improve them.

Here are some basic symptoms to know that which planet is giving bad results and their general remedies: -


Symptoms of Bad effect

1. Loss in Government sector.

2. Quarrel/dispute with father.

3. Doing tax evasion.

4. Drinking alcohol.

5. Not keeping promises.


1. Do fast on Sunday.

2. Donate jaggery, copper utensils.

3. Serve food to monkeys having red face.

4. Follow rituals.

5. Recite Aditya Stroram.


Symptoms of Bad effect

1. Quarreling with mother or any old age woman.

2. Animal who is giving milk often dies.

3. Covering the well.

4. Loss while doing travelling in hilly area.


1. Do fast on Monday.

2. Worship lord Shiva.

3. Pay full respect to mother or old age woman.

4. Wear silver chain.

5. Keep rain water in the house.


Symptoms of Bad effect

1. Losing gold.

2. Sickness in nose or running nose.

3. Quarreling with Pandit, teacher or grandfather.

4. Dishonoring religious place.

5. Cutting Pipal tree.


1. Do fast on Thursday.

2. Recite Vishnu Shastranam.

3. Keep CHOTEE on top of your head.

4. Wear gold.

5. Apply saffron on forehead.


Symptoms of Bad effect

1. Main door opens from South direction.

2. Quarreling with brother.

3. Drinking alcohol.

4. Babies born and die.


1. Do fast on Tuesday.

2. Recite Hanuman Chalisa.

3. Serve Neem tree

4. Eat sweet food.

5. Keep good relation with your brother.


Symptoms of Bad effect

1. Planting big leafy plants at home.

2. Quarreling with sister.

3. Eating egg.

4. Tooth decay.


1. Do fast on Wednesday.

2. Recite Durga Chalisa.

3. Worship goddess Gurga.

4. Serve little girls.

5. Donate green items.


Symptoms of Bad effect

1. Keeping bad character.

2. Betrayal spouse.

3. Venereal disease.

4. Doing two marriages

5. Harassing cow.


1. Do fast on Friday.

2. Donate curd to religious place.

3. Worship goddess Laxmi.

4. Serve cow.

5. Apply perfume.


Symptoms of Bad effect

1. Killing snake.

2. Harassing any labour.

3. Drinking alcohol.

4. Stealing electricity.

5. Taking free leather item.


1. Donate iron.

2. Do fast on Saturday.

3. Don’t consume alcohol or non-veggies.

4. Serve buffalo

5. Donate almonds.


Symptoms of Bad effect

1. Does not follow rituals.

2. Quarrelling with in-laws.

3. Consuming tobacco.

4. Dirty water flowing below the threshold.

5. Walls having no roof.


1. Donate tobacco.

2. Keep good relation with in-laws.

3. Worship goddess Saraswati.

4. Eat food in kitchen.

5. Flow lead in running water.


Symptoms of Bad effect

1. Suffering from diabetes

2. When Dog bite.

3. Quarrelling with maternal uncle.

4. Urine infection.


1. Worship lord Ganesha.

2. Donate blanket of black and white colour.

3. Donate lemon or tamarind.

4. Serve dogs.

5. Wear gold on ear.

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