Ideal Sleeping Position as per Vastu Shastra

After busy and hectic day, everyone needs a sound sleep to get refreshed. We all know a healthy mind resides in a sound and healthy body and for the same sleeping is a necessity. It is the time when body reboots itself. Lots of healing processes are active while we sleep. If sleeping position is not right, it may lead to bad health, stress, anxiety etc. We often blame the busy and hectic schedule, but we never consider that a wrong sleeping position might be a reason of tiredness and our uneasiness.

One should check its position while sleeping as per vastu, as we can’t deny the impacts of architectural forces around us. As per the Vastu shastra, following positions should be followed for a sound sleep.

Right & Ideal Sleeping Position as per Vastu Shastra

• Head should be in south direction while sleeping.  Head can be in west or east but strictly cannot be in north direction.
• Toes or legs should be in north direction.
• Master bedroom can be located in south west of the house.
• Strictly avoid sleeping beneath a beam.
• A sleeping arrangement for child can be made in west south west direction of the house.
• Keep bed a little apart from the wall. Do not stick the bed to the wall completely.
• Try not to put bed exactly in the corner of the room.
• Try not to put a window exactly behind the bed.
• Avoid having mirrors in front of bed. It is best if there is no mirror in bedroom.
• It’s also good to take a bath before going to bed.
• Try not to put electronic gadgets nearby while sleeping.

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