Impact of Mars in The 8th House

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Mars in 8th house

8th house is known as the house of death and this house also indicates the sudden difficulties and plagues that one can face in his or her span of life due to this reason this house is considered as an inauspicious house. This house has power of both Mars and Saturn. Due to the presence of Mars in this house, native is considered to be affected from Mangalik dosh, due to this native has to deal with a lot of problems in his / her married.

Generally, no planet believes to give favorable results in this house. Mars also often gives non favorable outcomes in this house as Mars is a fiery element and in Kaalpurush Kundali zodiac of 8th house is Scorpio, which is a water element, this might be the reason why Mars is not able to give its good effect in this house. In such conditions native has zeal to do something, but does not know how to utilize the skills of his own.

According to Vedic astrology, Mars has three aspects 4th, 7th and 8th. Accordingly, Mars gives different results with each of its aspect.

While positioning in 8th house, Mars looks over to 11th house from its 4th aspect, by the result native always has some problem related to income, in spite of doing lot of hard work person is not able to achieve the desired success and has to deal with financial difficulties.

With the help of 7th aspect, Mars puts its sight on 2nd house, due to this native has huskily or raucous voice and always has conflicts with family. Unwanted expenses keep always bothering him.

Mars puts its vision on 3rd house with the help of its 8th aspect, due to which the siblings of the native are always surrounded by different kind of problems. Even Native is not able to have cordial relationship with them.


To get good result from Mars’s person should recite Hanuman Chalisa daily, help to needy person as much as possible, serve to Neem tree on Tuesday, do not keep rusted weapons at home, keep a square piece of silver with you.