Lal Kitab Kundali Types : Andhi kundali or Blind horoscope

Andhi kundali or blind horoscope

As per grammer of lal kitab, there are various types of horoscope on the basis of arrangement of planets in different houses. One of them is andhi kundali or blind horoscope.

Definition: if there are two or more enemy planets exists in tenth house of the horoscope OR tenth house is disturbed by any aspect or takkar by enemy planet, then particular horoscope is known as blind horoscope or andhi kundali.

Explanation: As the name suggest, a blind horoscope doesn't have vision. Tenth house of horoscope is named as karma-sthan. This house is responsible for name, fame, status and professional growth of the native. But when this house is not in good position due to enemy planets, native loose clarity of vision about life path, aims and goals. Person always try to keep doing different things, but even after lots of hardwork he/she doesn't get proper results and it becomes tough to be successful in any manner. Native loose stability in work as well as in life.

Impacts: native never becomes stable with respect to job, business or any other kind of profession. Ultimately person lost all hope and feel helpless. Native becomes more confused while selecting line of profession and unable to visualise things properly.

Remedy: serve food to 10 blind men.

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