Mysterious Planet Ketu : Nature of Ketu

Ketu characteristics | Ketu astrological significance | Nature of Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are two parts of a demon. The upper part of the demon is known as Rahu and the lower part is called Ketu. However, both Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets.

Ketu is the most mysterious planet among all other planets. Ketu have lurking nature yet very powerful, like Backbone (Ketu) of the body is not visible but gives support to whole body. If backbone gets injured then person can be destitute.

Ketu keeps enmity with Moon. It can be seen like this when a single drop of lemon (Ketu) pour into Milk (Moon), it spills and turn into Paneer (Venus) which keeps friendship with Ketu.

Lion (Mars) and Dog (Ketu). The dog has no position in front of lion. Hence Ketu can be controlled by lion.

The result of Mars and Ketu, generally gives any sort of injury sometimes surgery may also occur as Mars represent Blood and Ketu represent injury.

Ears (Ketu) of Goat (Mercury) is the weakest part of its body. Means together Ketu and Mercury are not giving good results.

A Ketu may give good or bad result according the position in horoscope, like dog (Ketu) is always be loyal with its owner, but if same dog goes mad, then it might bite to the owner which may cause his death.

Ketu is also considered as God of salvation.

In any auspicious work, first of all an invitation is given to Lord Ganesha, who is the God of Ketu. To keep Ketu happy, one should worship lord Ganesha, feeding dog is another way to please Ketu.

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