Vastu Tips for Home & Good Health

A healthy body is utmost happiness. In today’s scenario, there are huge burden of work at all level. Increasing expectations and complains, increases the stress level, which leads to anxiety, stress and depression. And then ultimately turn into untreatable chronical diseases. A sound mind resides in a healthy body. Apart from a good lifestyle, the architectural energy around us also impacts our health in a large manner. To ensure sound health, follow these vastu tips. Vastu shastra is all about a healthy and prosperous life.

Vastu tips which can promote good health
Never build a toilet or staircase in the northeast corner of the house. It will cause severe health issues to the residents.
• Never make septic tanks, or put dustbin in northeast corner.
• Always put your head in south while sleeping. It gives a peaceful and sound sleep. While sleeping head in north direction causes headache and stress.
• Main door is most important; it lets the house communicate to the outer world. Energy flow in & out o the house take place from main door. Make sure it opens inside the house.
• Other doors and windows too do not make any noise.
• Avoid making a sitting area under heavy and exposed beams.
• To do not sit for long in west north west & south south west direction of house.
• Always keep north east corner of the house neat and clean. It gives clarity of mind and make person stress free.
• Avoid making kitchen in north east, it leads to bad health for woman working there.
• Keep Brahmas than of the house vacant and clean. This is the point from where energy spreads into all directions.
• Try not constructing any structure below staircase.

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