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Planet of Luxury – Venus

According to Hindu mythology, Venus is believed as Master of Demons. He was the only person who learned Sanjivani Vidhya from lord Shiva, with the help of which dead person could be resurrected.

Venus is the shiniest planet among all the other planets, which can easily see in the sky. That why if Venus is placing in exalted position in a horoscope then that person have very bright face and he gets all the means of good enjoyment in life.

In a horoscope, Venus is considered exalted in 12th house, which is house of salvation.

House make home simply by the spouse. Marriage is seen from 7th house accordingly lordship of this house is given to Venus. Likewise, homes in which ladies take care of the money matter can easily save. Accumulated wealth is seen from the 2nd house, so Venus holds the privilege of this house too.

However, when Venus is in debilitated position in the horoscope, Venus won’t show its awful impact on the double like cruel planet Shani, Rahu and Ketu. An individual having weakened Venus doesn’t have any sort of delight throughout everyday life. Generally native doesn’t able to give actual physical delight to mate. The existence accomplice who is to help of life, will begin causing him such a large number of issues throughout everyday life.

To please Venus, one should feed green grass to cow, respect women, do not make physical relation with other women, wear clean clothes and put perfume on them and keep home clean.

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