Chaldean Numerology Course

Language: Hindi

Instructors: Acharya Lokesh Dhamija

Validity Period: 90 days

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Why this course?


Chaldean Numerology Workshop - Online

3 days online workshop


Content :- What is Numerology ? 
Introduction : History & Origin.
Role of Numbers in our life.
Chiero Methodology & Concept.
Ruling Numbers Concept
Mulank Number Calculation.
Bhagank Number Calculation.
KUA Number in Numerology.

Numero & Astrology Connection.
Planets detailed description 

Miracles Numbers & Success  Case Study methodology.

(1 to 9) Characteristics of Numbers. 
Attributes of 9 Numers with Astrology Planets 

Lo-Shu Grid Concept & Story 

Numerology Horoscope concept.
8 Types of Yoga in Numerology Horoscope

Compatibility of Numbers –
Friendship and enmity among numbers.
Compatibility according to astrology science discussions.
Mulank & Bhagyank - all possible combinations.

Numbers Reading Skills.

Question & Answers Session.
Practical Exercise.

Impact of Missing Numbers.
Concept & Solution.

Grid Missing Number Calculation
Actual Missing Number Calculation.

Missing Numbers Rectifications.
Missing Numer Corrections.
Lucky number & color technique.

Personal Year & Month Calculations
Daily basis Numerology Calculations.

Profession with Numero Energies. Firm - Business & Brand Name.

Name Corrections.
Children Name Calculations.

Numeroscope Grid Reading. Predictions Techniques. Numerology Based Remedies. 

Mobile Numer Numerology Concept.

All the calculations are to be filled in the consultation chart.

Demo of Free Numerology Calculator Tool.
How to Read..

Question & Answers Session.

Course Curriculum

Chaldean - Numerology Course : Validity 3 Months
Numerology Concept & 1-9 Numbers Attributes.
Introduction & Numerology Calculations
Attributes 1 to 9 Numbers
Lo-Shu Grid & Yoga
Numero_Consultation Sheet
Lo-Shu Grid Concept
Combinations - Mulank & Bhagyank
Combinations - Mulank & Bhagyank
Compatibility - Friends & Enemy
Compatibility - Friends & Enemy
Lo-Shu Grid & Yoga
Lo-Shu Grid Yogas
Name Corrections Concept - Numerology
Name Corrections Concept - Numerology
Example & Discussions.
Personal Year & Professional Numbers
Personal Year & Professional Numbers
Discussions : Questions & Answers

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