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Professional Numerology

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Module One

What is Numerology ? 

Introduction : History & Origin.

Role of Numbers in our life.

Chiero Methodology & Concept.

Driver Number Calculation.

Conductor Number Concept.

KUA Number in Numerology.

Numero & Astrology Connection.

Miracles Numbers & Success  Case Study methodology.

(1 to 9) Characteristics of Numbers. 

Numeroscope - Lo-Shu Grid 

Numerology Horoscope concept.

8 Types of Yoga in Numeroscope

Compatibility of Numbers – Friendship and enmity among numbers.

Compatibility according to astrology science

Driver - Conductor 81 Combinations.

Numbers Reading Skill.

Question & Answers Session.

Practical Exercise.

Module Two

Impact of Missing Numbers.

Missing Number Concept.

Missing Numbers Remedies.

Personal Year & Month Calculations

Daily basis Numerology Calculations.

Profession with Numero Energies. Firm - Business & Brand Name.
Children Name Calculations.

Numeroscope Grid Reading. Predictions Techniques. Numerology based Remedies. Sapherial Numerology Concept.

Vedic Magical Grid Calculation & 70 Plus Amazing Numero-Vedic Yogas Predictions & Readings.

Accurate Time based predictions.

How to balance the grid.

Grid Balancing innovative Technique with combinations.

Mobile Numerology Concept.

Question & Answers Session.

Module Three

Vedic Astrology connection methodology

Bridge number – TIME BASED concept.

Birth Timing Importance.

Researched & Invented by Acharya Lokesh Kashyap Dhamija.

Numerosope Health Session.

Numerology & Intuition technique.

Calculation of Hora number & Predictions.

Match Making with Loshu & Vedic Numeroscope.

Numerology Prashan kundali.

Advanced Vedic & Lalkitab Remedies with Numerology.

Manual Numero Chart Preparation.

Numero Chart Preparation through Numerology Calculation Tool.

Connection with Predictive Astrology.

Study Material with Free Calculation Tool only for students.

Doubt Sessions.

Practical Exercise.